Alexander McQueen Pre Spring/Summer 2014

Love the jacket and the shirt but not the trousers…they ruin the outfit

Not a fan of this at all.

And again, not a fan.

The jumper is quite cute. I do not like the ties on the trousers though, it just looks weird. The trousers would look better without them

I like this outfit…it is funky and cool

I like this too although I’m not a fan of the colour of the trousers. The silver pair would work really well with this look

It is cute but way too big and baggy

Not a fan of this at all

Seriously, what is with the arrows and tie things????? It is horrible

I like this look and the skirt is not that bad at all, it works better as a skirt than trousers

No, no, no!!

This is not that bad but what is going on with the shoulders?

I love this!

Really like this…the dress is incredible

Love this dress

Yes to the jumper and hell no to the skirt

I do not like this at all

The top is really cool and I would imagine the pants are not that bad but together it is all a bit too much

I like the top and the skirt but that dot piece hanging down needs to be removed

This would be a lot nicer if it did not have the dot pieces hanging off

Too many dots!!!!!

Only thing good about this is the shoes

Seriously??? It is not necessary to dot everything and put them together


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