She Blames Me


The truly unique and inspirational jewellery (jewelry) collection from blonde bombshells Harvin and Meyer Eadon. I first heard of these ladies from the Style Network’s hit TV show Big Rich Atlanta. I am so inspired by them both and I HEART this collection so much. They are so much more than just pieces of jewellery … each piece tells a story that every girl can relate to. Each piece is named after a girl from Harvin and Meyer’s past. These ladies are

Thanking the critics by name!


She doesn’t hate me, she blames me!

 This is their power over all the haters. Harvin and Meyer see this hate as jealousy and take it as a compliment. People hate because they are jealous and the best way to handle it is to  turn it into a positive. Don’t allow someone else’s jealousy tear you down…rise from it and be the best you can be.

The Brittany


 Brittany is your average hater. She tries to make your life difficult, reveling in your every mistake. Her insecurities make her feel threatened by your mere presence. 

There will always be someone who wants to see you fail and they will be right there waiting and taking every advantage possible from it. They are miserable in their own skin and so unbelievably jealous of you.

I really like this piece and the use of both the target and the lifeline work beautifully together. When you are a target, it affects your heart and your life. You need your heart in order to live…don’t let someone flat line it!

 The Jenny

  Image Image

 Jenny is the undercover hater in your social circle. She is close, hard to read and can land hurtful blows that you never saw coming. 

When a person is hard to read it can be difficult to know what they really think and always are hard to predict. You know very little about them but they are in your circle. When they hurt, they do severe damage and can lead to you being at rock bottom. It is important to rise up and climb that ladder to the top. Don’t let anyone keep you at rock bottom. You are worth more than that.

I love this piece because it shows you that no matter what, there is always a way up. Yes, there is a way down and the fall is easier but no matter how many times you slip, know that you can reach the top.

The Darlene


Darlene is the town gossip. She is a fraud. Her nose is everywhere but in her own business.

Every girl loves to gossip…it is in our nature. We hear something and we want to pass it on to find out if there is more to the story. Haters use gossip for a bad purpose…they use it to destroy a person’s character. I know that I gossip but if what I say hurts someone, I always apologise and try to make things better. I know what it is like to be hated and I would never intentionally do that to someone else. Most gossip to find the truth. The Darlene’s gossip to hurt. They purposely go about getting into other peoples business and try to destroy them. 

I love this piece because it is so simple, beautiful and elegant.

The Jayne




Jayne is consumed with jealousy; her insecurities make your confidence her obsession.

This person can not stand how confident you are. They are so jealous of you and they just want to be more confident than you or anyone. Best thing to do, is to leave the haters in your rear view mirror 😉
This piece represents that so well. It is so original and inspiring. Wave bye-bye to all those Jayne’s and continue to shine bright.

The Ashley



Ashley is a thunder thief, a spotlight chaser that lives for attention. Like a bomb, her wrath aims to blow you up.

I know a girl exactly like this and we used to get along so well. We were really close until I saw her for the attention seeker that she was. I don’t have time for people like that in my life. It is so exhausting and annoying. There is nothing wrong with wanting attention, I love it but seriously?! Nobody is interested when it is sought after that way! 

This is my favourite piece!! I absolutely love it so freaking much!!!!! It is a REAL grenade pin and has the target again. BOOM!!!

The Sumter



The sumter is a group of blamers convinced that you are a bad apple. People that misunderstand you because you are a little different.

Be different and be proud to be different!!! Live it and own it! Being different is the best way to be, be your own person and don’t be afraid to be different. Haters are always going to hate, especially when they don’t understand it. Would you rather be a follower or a leader? I’m proud to be different. I wouldn’t want to be like anyone else.

Be yourself because everyone else is taken

This piece shows the lifeline on its own this time. There is something really exquisite about this piece.

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